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RSSTextile is a unique monitoring tool dedicated to the textile and clothing industry. Intended for companies manufacturing or marketing yarns, fabrics and textile products for clothing, furnishing or technical use, the RSS Textile monitoring platform centralizes all the news that will allow you to follow all the sectors of Fashion, textile innovation, companies, etc.
The RSS Textile tool will allow you to discover all the news about knitted, woven and non-woven textile products, materials, whether they are made of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, cashmere or synthetic fibers, but also processes related to textile activities (spinning, milling, weaving, knitting, finishing).
The Textile RSS monitoring solution allows you to benefit from a professional textile monitoring updated in real time and with great ease of use.
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Textile Monitoring
Innovative Dyeing Technologies from Tecnorama
Published at 08/04/2022

This laboratory machine is the only one with 5 independent dyeing units with a maximum loading capacity of 50g. Rotodyrama is the evolution of the Shakerama model and both use the same dyeing concept that is the movement of the dye-bath and, simultaneously,…

New seam welding tech boosts apparel durability
Published at 31/03/2022

Textile innovator Stealth has launched a ‘first-to-market’ apparel seaming technology which eliminates stitching in lightweight fabrics.   The patented solution uses a combination of sonic and high-frequency welding to bind synthetic fabrics, creating…

Dyeing textiles black in sustainable process
Published at 17/02/2022

Textile dyes still contain harmful chemicals for which no efficient, sustainable alternative has yet been found. Black pigments from waste materials could form part of the solution.[...]

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